We would like to highlight the advantages of polyamide templates over metal templates.

They are made of a technical polymer called Polyamide 6, reinforced with 30% fibreglass making these templates NON-RUSTING, in contrast to metal templates.

Another improvement over metal is their weight, they are up to 4 times lighter, making them easier to handle, safer and easier to install.

Regarding strength, polyamide templates, due to their purpose, which is to centre and position the bolts to secure lampposts, they are as strong as metal templates.

The much lower price of polyamide templates means they can be aone-use product, without needing to remove them to install the lamppost.

Accessories for lampposts and columns, such as terminals for signal posts, round and flat-ended terminals for tubes of different diameters, trim for joints where diameter changes, protectors for column bases to avoid corrosion in saline environments and dog urine, bolts and locks for lamppost openings, bases to protect the joint between base and pavement, etc…