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Our company was established in the early 70s, dedicated to transforming thermoplastics by injection.

From the very beginning, our most important premises have been quality manufacturing and the search for a high level of client satisfaction. Innovating production and quality control processes have allowed us to work in different sectors, such as automotive, hydraulics, oleo dynamics, electrical equipment, traffic lights, etc.

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Over 50 years at your service

In 1990, we designed and began to produce our protection and junction boxes for the base of street lighting columns, becoming leaders in the sector in just ten years.

In 2004, we developed a new product line; polycarbonate traffic lights for the road signage sector. Our desire for continuous improvement has led us to work under a quality assurance system based on ISO Standards since 1997.


Today, we provide global solutions.

We currently have machinery with clamping force assemblies ranging from 30 to 500 tons. Our extensive experience in the sector enables us to offer clients global solutions to meet their needs:

  • Component design.
  • Mould design and manufacturing.
  • Prototype and component manufacturing.
  • Type approval through tests carried out by bodies accredited by the ENAC.
  • Assembly of units and sub-assemblies.
  • Packaging studies.

Type approved products

Proof of this are the tests carried out and the type approvals all our products have obtained.

With this desire for constant improvement, we work under a Quality Assurance system according to ISO 9001:2008, which covers our entire range of products. You will find our company a reliable collaborator, with the capacity for innovation and advice, always at your service.

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