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SERTSEM, through its alliance with SONTRAFIC, designs and manufactures high-quality traffic lights and accessories, injected in polycarbonate. We are market leaders due to our extensive experience in the sector, excellent quality, high product performance and excellent customer care.

Our attractive designs combined with high-quality LED/incandescent) optics make our traffic light heads a well-recognized product, with robustness and flexibility, tested in very diverse climatic conditions.


Our ST range is the most popular of our traffic light heads. Made in injected polycarbonate (UV-STABILIZED polycarbonate), it is resistant to mechanical stress, adverse weather conditions and solar radiation, making it our most robust and flexible range.


In addition to the technical characteristics of the ST model, this latest design, specific for LED technology, is slim and oval in shape and is transforming national and international urban landscapes, bringing elegance and avant-garde design to the cities where it has been installed.

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