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Street lighting boxes


A watertight protection and junction box for street lighting, with the casing made of self-extinguishing polycarbonate 960º, grey Ral7035 colour.

Electrical protection is provided by 10×38 type T-0 cylindrical fuse cartridges.

Inside, it has a fuse connection base for four cylindrical 10×38 T0 fuse cartridges and four 6 mm2 branch terminals, making it possible to protect two light fittings with a single box.

Inside, it has a SERTSEM-type terminal strip with four input and output terminals with a maximum connection of two 35 mm2 cables, plus one or two optional auxiliary terminals of two 16 mm2 cables for grounding or a double level/flow installation.

The terminals have received an anti-corrosion treatment, allowing both copper and aluminium cables to be connected.

It is recommended that they be installed in columns of 9 meters or more, where the access hatch size is larger. They can also be supplied with a fuse connection base for two cylindrical cartridges, protecting the light fitting while maintaining the installation convenience offered by this larger model.

Degree of protection:  IP 44 with AC001, IP 13 with AC002, IK08, Double Insulation, CE Marking.


ModelosNúmero/de/PolosAdmisión Max. Bornes
Bornes DerivaciónBornes AuxiliaresCantidad Embalaje
(1) CF-1053P + N2 X 35 mm²2 x 6 mm²030
(1) CF-105-T3P + N + TIERRA2 X 35 mm²2 x 6 mm²2 X 16 mm²30
(1) CF-105-C3P + N + 2 PAUX2 X 35 mm²2 x 6 mm²2 X 16 mm²30
(2) CF-105-23P + N2 X 35 mm²2 x 6 mm²030
(2) CF-105-2T3P + N + TIERRA2 X 35 mm²2 x 6 mm²2 X 16 mm²30
(2) CF-105-2C3P + N + 2 PAUX2 X 35 mm²2 x 6 mm²2 X 16 mm²30

Notas: (1) Caja de 4 fusibles, (2) Caja de 2 fusibles.
Las cajas de 4 fusibles están equipadas con conexiones para proteger la luminaria con diferentes fases.


  • Enclosing Material: Polycarbonate
  • Dimensions: 165 x 105 x 68 mm.
  • Protection Type: Fuse holder for 10×38 T-0 cylindrical cartridges
  • Protection Degree: IP44 with AC001 – IP13 with AC002 according to EN 60529, IK08 UNE-EN 50102:1996+A1:1999+corr:2002+A1CORR:2002
  • Insulation: Measurement of creepage lines and distances in air UNE 20098-75
  • Safety: Dielectric Rigidity UNE 21095-73
  • Installation: The connection is made outside the staff/column, it can also be installed on facades and posts.  Connection/disconnection of fuses through front pressure/extraction cover.
  • Certification: Certificates obtained by organizations approved by ENAC.
  • Quality: ISO 9001:2008 STANDARD
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