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Street lighting boxes


A watertight protection and junction box for street lighting, with the casing made of self-extinguishing polycarbonate 960º, grey Ral7035 colour.

Electrical protection is provided by 10×38 T-0 cylindrical fuse cartridges.

Inside, it has a SERTSEM-type terminal strip with four input and output terminals admitting a maximum connection of two 16 mm2 cables (Mod. CM) or four terminals for two 35 mm2 cables (Mod. CM-35), it also has three auxiliary optional terminals for grounding or a double level/flow installation or grounding plus a double level/flow installation.

There are two terminals for the junction or output to the light, admitting maximum 6 mm2 cable size each.

The terminals have received an anti-corrosion treatment, allowing both copper and aluminium cables to be connected.

This model is specially designed for installation on facades and posts and cannot be fitted inside posts or columns. The particular design of this box makes it a unique product, ideal for outdoor installations, due to its technical characteristics and careful design.


ModelosNúmero/de/PolosAdmisión Max. Bornes
Bornes DerivaciónBornes AuxiliaresCantidad Embalaje
CM3P + N2 X 16 mm²2 x 6 mm²050
CM-T3P + N + TIERRA2 X 16 mm²2 x 6 mm²2 X 16 mm²50
CM-C3P + N + 2 PAUX2 X 16 mm²2 x 6 mm²2 X 16 mm²50
CM-CT3P + N + TIERRA 2 PAUX2 X 16 mm²2 x 6 mm²2 X 16 mm²50
CM/353P + N2 X 35 mm²2 x 6 mm²050
CM-T/353P + N + TIERRA2 X 35 mm²2 x 6 mm²2 X 16 mm²50
CM-C/353P + N + 2 PAUX2 X 35 mm²2 x 6 mm²2 X 16 mm²50
CM-CT/353P + N + TIERRA 2 PAUX2 X 35 mm²2 x 6 mm²2 X 16 mm²50


  • Enclosing Material: Polycarbonate
  • Dimensions: 180 x 83 x 51mm
  • Protection Type: Fuse holder for 10×38 T-0 cylindrical cartridges
  • Protection Degree: IP54 with AC001 according to EN 60529, IK10 UNE-EN 50102:1996+A1:1999+corr:2002+A1CORR:2002
  • Insulation: Measurement of creepage lines and distances in air UNE 20098-75
  • Safety: Dielectric Rigidity UNE 21095-73.
  • Installation: Designed to be installed only on facades and posts.  Connection/disconnection of fuses using a vertical movement hood.
  • Certification: Certificates obtained by organizations approved by ENAC.
  • Quality: ISO 9001:2008 STANDARD
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