• Enclosure material:
  • Dimensions:
    165 x 135 x 73 mm
  • Type of Protection:
    Fuse holder for 10x38 T-0 cylindrical cartridges
  • Degree of Protection:
    IP44 with AC001 - IP13 with AC002 according to EN 60529 standard, IK08 UNE-EN 50102:1996+A1:1999+corr:2002+A1CORR:2002
  • Insulation:
    Measurement of creepage lines and air distances UNE 20098-75
  • Safety:
    Dielectric strength UNE 21095-73
  • Installation:
    Connection is made outside the post/column; in addition, it can be installed on facades and posts. Connection/disconnection of fuses by the front pressure/extraction cover.
  • Certification:
    Certificates obtained by bodies certified by ENAC
  • Quality:
    ISO 9001:2008 standard